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Why Toronto Lawyers Are Looking to Uncomplicate Their IT – And Who They’re Hiring to Make It Happen

A few months ago, we got a phone call from a local, Toronto law firm that was struggling to keep up with the daily management and maintenance of their internal IT environment.

The problem they were facing was a good one to have.


Because it was a “growing pain.”

In the past two years, they had added a new partner, three new lawyers, along with seven paralegals and admin staff.

While the growth was fantastic – and welcome – it stretched their time and technology nearly to the breaking point.

At the point they called Pace Technical, they had about twenty people using their internal network, and one of the firm’s partners was acting as an in-house IT technician.

It wasn’t ideal.

It wasn’t sustainable.

Knowing that they had to think ahead and plan for further growth, they began the process of looking for a Toronto IT support team that could serve them well as they scaled their firm to the next plateau of growth.

What Was It Like Searching For IT Help in Toronto?

In the words of their senior partner, “Frustrating. Very Frustrating.”

Because the staff of Pace Technical wanted to understand the journey that had brought this new client to our doorstep, we asked him to explain.

“Well,” he said, “over the past two months I’ve looked at at least forty different websites, made twenty different phone calls and interviewed three Toronto IT support companies that didn’t fit.”

We asked him to go on…

“Some were too focused on the huge corporations that are in Toronto and really didn’t want our business. Then there were the smaller players. Their websites offered the world as far as services, but when we tried to pin them down on service delivery, mobility, and support for our firm’s industry-specific applications, they just didn’t have the right answers. It was obvious that they were fans of the ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ method of business.”

What Led You To Call?

At this point in our discussion, the firm’s senior partner smiled and said, “What else?…A Google search.”

He went on to explain that it wasn’t just that Pace Technical came up high in the rankings in a search for Toronto IT support or that we have fantastic clients that have given us 5-star reviews.

What inspired him to make the call to Pace Technical?

Our website homepage talks about having processes and procedures to ensure business IT success.

He knew from his vast experience in his line of work that things worked best when professionals were in place, and they acted systematically aided by a pre-set structure of processes and procedures.

Sure, things go wrong from time to time, and a technician may have to improvise a little. But overall, it’s the system of management, maintenance, and operational monitoring that keeps a business secure, efficient, and productive.

What Are The Biggest IT Support Challenges Facing Your Toronto Law Firm?

This is always an important question for the Pace team to ask during our initial conversation with a potential client. Their answer shows where their “pain points” are. It helps us understand what worries them the most about their IT environment and gives us a place to begin to offer a solution to their concerns.

In specific, the law firm wanted:

  • Backups that were encrypted, regular, automatic, and verifiable.
  • Security that protected the firm and the clients while meeting or exceeding industry standards.
  • Migration for the software database from the PC they had it on to a more secure environment with redundancy capability.
  • High-level IT consultation regarding the next steps of investment into technology for their specific processes.

Welcome To Worry-Free Computing!

It didn’t take long in the course of that first conversation for the firm’s senior partner to realize that he wanted the Pace Technical team on his side. We signed a Managed IT Services agreement with the firm the next day.

Managed IT Services was an ideal choice for the growing Toronto law firm.


Because Managed IT Services rolls all the troubleshooting, management, maintenance, help desk, and security monitoring a law firm needs into one easily budgeted monthly payment. This provides an expense that is predictable for the firm as well as a service level that allows the firm’s partners, lawyers, paralegals, and support staff to use their computer systems without worrying about HOW they work.

It’s been a few months now since we received the first call from that firm. Since that time, we’ve done an assessment of their IT systems, suggested and made some changes, addressed all their concerns, and set up the processes and procedures needed to provide them with a secure, stable IT environment.

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