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Our April Feature In ChannelPro Magazine!


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Our April Feature With Our CEO, Shael Risman

The 2021 April issue from ChannelPro Magazine covered everything from Work-from-Home Security, Taking Care of Yourself, What Makes Great MSPs Great, Interviewing for Diversity to The Giant Role of TinyML. Our CEO, Shael Risman was featured for his perspective on wellness in the feature "Put Self Care On Your To-Do-List". This was quite fitting since he has been an avid supporter and candid advocate for Mental health and wellness. He talks about Self-care not just being important for the boss but also noted that as he began to delegate more, “you become completely aware of the fact that those people picking up your responsibility have work-life balance issues as well.” That’s why PACE’s employee benefits include reimbursement for things like gym memberships. In response to the pandemic, PACE Technical increased its mental health benefits and started a voluntary 15-minute staff-led mindfulness exercise on Teams every morning. Shael said, “I’ve been there several times and it’s a great start to the day.” He also stressed on the importance of taking a vacation too; “We have a policy here. If you don’t take your full vacation you have to come to me personally and tell me why.” You can access the full April Issue of the Channel Pro Magazine here. In addition to talking about mental health and wellness with ChannelPro, Shael has hosted several webinars that cover culture and leadership in business. He has also hosted a special collaboration with The Centre For Addiction & Mental Health where he spoke alongside Dr. Donna Fergusson (a clinical psychologist in CAMH's Work Stress and Health Program) about mental wellness programs that businesses can implement to improve their work life and culture. To see the recording of these webinars please visit the following links: Working Remotely & Keeping Your Culture Alive 

Mental Health Practices Every Business Can Replicate For A Healthy Corporate Culture By PACE Technical X CAMH