Because some things aren't better in-house.

Co-Managed IT Services

Collaboration helps your business thrive; that's why we offer Co-Managed IT Services.

When your internal IT team collaborates with an external Managed Service Provider (MSP), your in-house IT staff is free to work on core tasks while the managed IT provider fills in the gaps and monitors your IT infrastructure around the clock. You get a nerd-powered buddy system of a la carte expertise in a flexible, cost-effective package. 

Benefits of Co-managed IT. 

Why not one or the other? 

What is the advantage of spreading the responsibility of managing IT services between two bodies? 


Depending solely on an on-site IT department may be beneficial for quickly resolving IT issues that happen “on the floor.” But an internal IT department on its own is subject to time constraints. A salaried tech team works “business hours” and will be overworked if a crisis strikes. They likely lack expertise in some areas, and they won’t have access to the same tools an external partner provides. 

Outsourcing 100% of your IT operations to external IT professionals frees HR from hiring hands-on technical staff who require onboarding while tapping into a higher level of network security, strategic guidance, and enterprise-class tools. The disadvantage? Sometimes this collaborative approach comes with grey areas, disconnect, and a feeling of “stepping on toes” if the spheres of influence aren’t clearly defined. 

Diversification happens when you marry the skill sets of both technical support services into a co-managed IT model: your IT staff covers day-to-day IT needs and project management initiatives and the managed IT provider extends the value of the in-house tech team, sharing the workload and risk in the background like a back pocket safety net that’s there for emergencies 24/7/365. 

You get:

  • more expertise
  • more support
  • improved IT operations
  • a comprehensive IT strategy
  • faster response
Your existing IT team provides IT support on the ground by taking care of business needs, endpoint upgrades, employee training, and IT functions that require an in-person presence. But your behind-the-scenes Managed IT Service Provider is there for continuous network surveillance, Cloud management, patching, help desk support, escalations, cybersecurity monitoring, disaster recovery (if required), and IT strategy. 

How Co-Managed IT Support is Cost Effective.

The flexible “unseen” IT partner is a trend that’s growing—a lot actually. The global managed services market is projected to reach $557.10 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 12.6%. 

Companies are saving money, decreasing downtime, and protecting business continuity by not building a large in-house IT department (that requires best practices and training).  

Instead, HR hires one or two internal staff, making the rest of the IT budget available to purchase external IT resources. Both teams collaborate as one comprehensive co-managed IT solution. Brilliant. 

A two-tier approach is a smart service model that covers a lot of ground at the same cost (or at a cost-saving). Co-managed Services reduce IT costs by providing access to IT expertise and support on an as-needed basis, tailored to the company size, industry, and wanted/needed IT solutions. Less full-time IT staff, better resource allocation, higher security, and more peace of mind. 

The tag team approach allows you to focus on your business, not on your information technology.  

Why partly outsource IT Management to PACE Technical? 

When you outsource some of the heavier lifting to PACE Technical, we collaborate with your in-house tech team to manage the systems you use to manage your clients.  

We understand the legal and financial industries.  

We know the software you use, the compliance standards under which you operate, and the sensitivity of your files. We are happy to take over your information technology care in whole or in part, providing access to enterprise-level resources that heighten your security and overall performance. 

We’re here when you outgrow your small IT staff or when you decide to scale down that department for a co-managed solution as you scale up your client base. 

PACE Technical is the preffered Co-Managed IT Service Provider for Ontario Businesses. 

We’re a local IT Management company with over 23 years of experience protecting professional companies in the legal, accounting, and financial sectors that operate in Toronto, the GTA, Central Ontario, and Southwestern Ontario.

We’re growing and expanding our reach in Ontario!

We’re here when you outgrow your small IT staff or when you decide to scale down that department for a co-managed solution as you scale up your client base. 

When you hire PACE Technical IT experts, we plug into your existing information technology framework, partnering with your team to secure your system, improve your workflows, and give you access to cutting-edge fortifications that minimize your technical roadblocks. 

Deciding on a Co-Managed IT Solution is as easy as: 

  1. Contact Tyler and Mike today to talk about how our Toronto-based Managed IT Services are a custom fit for your firm: [email protected] or 905-763-7896.
  2. We’ll provide a FREE no-obligation IT consultation. 
  3. If you choose PACE, we’ll design a custom Co-Managed IT Service program for your business. 

We work hard to prove your trust in PACE Technical is well-placed. 

Professional outsourced IT solutions and IT support for professional companies make sense. 

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll have access to a dedicated Client Success Manager and a small pod-based support team of 3-4 people to support you whenever you need help—at any time of the day or night. We get to know your pain points and we work proactively to minimize the need for reactive support tickets.  

Are you ready to experience the power of PACE Technical?