You defend your client’s legal needs, but who defends your IT systems?

Law Firms

At PACE, we understand that, as a law firm, you can’t afford downtime, that security is paramount, and that staying at the forefront of technology is essential. Rest assured that we've seen it all, from the late-night file shuffles to the last-minute court filings, and we know that IT services play a critical role in helping you achieve success for you and your clients.

We’ve never met a law firm application we can’t support and have in-depth experience working with ACL3, GhostPractice, Summation, Worldox, PC Law, WordLX, TimeMatters, InForm, Amicus Attorney, Philips Speech Processing, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Copitrak, Worksite, Primafact, Divorcemate, and more. At PACE, we understand your unique needs and have the tools to enhance your IT & cloud systems, networks, data backup, and security services. So don’t just settle for IT experts; get IT experts that understand the practice of law.

Efficiency, Profitability, and Protection – IT Services for Law Firms.

When implementing your IT solutions, we help you make informed decisions that enhance your technical capabilities and increase your firm's efficiency, protection, and profitability. With a team of over 60 highly trained individuals, a dedicated client success manager, and ISO certification, you will receive personalized support and expertise anytime you need it. Whether you're looking to upgrade your case management software, improve your document management system, or implement more secure communication tools, we will ensure that you get the expert services you need.

At PACE Technical, we provide law firms with IT services that offer:

  • Protection: We provide backup and recovery services to protect your information and mitigate the risk of a potentially disastrous loss of data.
  • Efficiency: We proactively manage your IT infrastructure, monitor your systems 24/7, and provide secure cloud solutions so you never have to worry about losing precious time to IT issues.
  • Profitability: We build custom IT setups specifically designed for your firm that integrate with and support your firm’s software, workflow, and infrastructure, so you are guaranteed a return on your IT investment

At PACE, we want to provide you with the services you need at the price you agreed to. With the PACE Technical CompleteCare Program, you receive the support and security tools you need for one fixed, monthly fee. Interested in this program? Learn more by contacting us today. 

Why Choose PACE?

Technology decisions can be challenging for law firms, which is why our IT strategy and consulting services are specifically tailored to the legal industry. Our team of tech experts understand the unique challenges that law firms face, from staying up to date with compliance regulations to managing large amounts of sensitive client data. We'll work with you to proactively identify key areas for improvement and guide you toward the best solutions for your specific needs.

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