Ensure your next IT Project is delivered on time and on budget.

IT Strategic Project Management

Reducing risk and increasing productivity is one goal of IT Strategic Project Management.

Maybe you need to update your software (software development). Or maybe you need more resources to improve performance and beef up security (procurement).  

Strategic IT project management identifies where your system could be better, plans out how to make that happen, ensures stakeholder buy-in, schedules the technical milestones, and builds the new launch pad for secure productivity on time and on budget.

IT project managers care about how your information technology (IT) works. We’re sweet that way. 

What is IT Project Management?

When you run an IT audit to identify weaknesses in your system, you receive an audit report that provides: 

  • A framework to solve IT issues. 
  • A methodology behind the strategy.

Each part of the framework is an IT project.

During each project, a certified project management professional (PMP) plans, organizes, and manages resources to successfully complete the project within a given time frame, budget, and scope. 

Sometimes, for larger projects, the project manager will lead a project team, where IT professionals pool technical knowledge and scrum on the project management plan to achieve project goals efficiently.

What are some examples of IT Projects?

IT projects turn red flags green by looking at risk management across a company’s systems.

The most common IT projects include:

  • software development/implementation 
  • information security/systems 
  • communications 
  • hardware installation/updates/retirement 
  • network configuration 
  • database management 
  • new applications 
  • IT emergency recovery 

What are the stages of an IT Project?

A project charter is a roadmap that outlines the project's scope, objectives, stakeholders, timelines, and resources. Once the charter is approved, it moves through this project lifecycle: 

  • Initiation (hands on)
  • Planning (resource management)
  • Project executing (workflow rollout)
  • Monitoring / quality management (metrics)
  • Closure

Project Management tools.

IT Managers use a combination of technology-based tools and project management tools to achieve project success: 

  • project management software (teamwork tasks)
  • collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams, for example)
  • change management templates
  • time tracking software (gantt charts)

What’s the Difference Between Waterfall and Agile Project Management? 

There are two techniques that project managers use to approach a project: agile and waterfall. 

An agile methodology is an iterative (repeating loop) approach that takes continuous feedback and adapts it incrementally. 

A waterfall methodology is a linear and sequential approach, where each phase of the project must be completed before moving to the next phase. 

Both methods move the project lifecycle from start to finish, ensuring a successful project outcome. At PACE, we will work with you to choose a methodology that supports your business priorities and will achieve the best results based on your unique IT needs. 

Launching an IT project with PACE Technical works like this.

  1. Your IT Executive Strategist will advise what IT projects are needed. 
  2. A quote is provided for each project for you to approve. 
  3. We execute the project(s). 

IT projects keep the gears turning so your overall information technology system is safe, current, and efficient. PACE Technical has managed over 1000 IT projects for hundreds of clients over the last 23 years. If we recommend a project, it’s necessary. And you know you’re in good hands.

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll have access to a dedicated Client Success Manager and a support team of 3-4 people to support you whenever you need help. We get to know your pain points and we work proactively to minimize the need for reactive support tickets.

Interested in choosing PACE? Scheduling a consultation is as easy as this. 

  1. Contact Mike and Tyler today to discuss requirements for your IT audit (905-763-7896 and [email protected]). 
  2. We’ll provide a no-obligation estimate. 
  3. Once you have all the facts, you can decide if working with PACE Technical is the right choice for you and your business.

IT is the backbone of your business – is yours strong enough?