Leave the zeroes and ones of managing information technology to the experts.

Managed IT Services

You didn't get a degree in Managed IT Services...

So you shouldn't have to know everything about managing information technology.

As the office hero, you use tech to power and protect your most valuable asset: information. And you depend on technology to keep office workflows efficient. A Managed IT Service Provider makes sure your technology always works so you can focus on office operations without worrying about the glitches (and hackers) that go bump in the night. 

What is a Managed IT Service?

IT stands for information technology.

Today, information technology includes everything from an outdated fax machine or desktop computer to the network that links your office devices together. Information technology includes the security services that protect every part of your network and the Cloud solutions that lift your network to the internet (a potentially more cost-effective, flexible, scalable infrastructure than closet servers).

Why use a Managed IT Provider? 

Using an external IT company as you grow your business is a smart way to access expertise at a lower cost than hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team.  If you have a small IT department, you free them to focus on day-to-day support without being overwhelmed by broader IT system security, proactive alignments and strategic direction.

With IT outsourcing, there’s a bigger team watching your back 24/7/365. 

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll have access to a dedicated Client Success Manager and a small pod-based support team of 3-4 people to support you whenever you need help—at any time of the day or night. We get to know your pain points and we work proactively to minimize the need for reactive support tickets.   

Why Outsource IT Management to PACE Technical?

When you outsource IT to PACE Technical, we manage the systems you use to manage your clients.  

We understand your business goals and the sensitive nature of your client files—privacy and security are more important in the legal and financial industries than anywhere else.  

We know a data leak isn’t an option. 

We also know it’s frustrating when your laptop can’t see the printer down the hall.  

When you rely on an expert third-party IT support team, you pass the responsibility of planning, implementing, and maintaining your IT infrastructure to professionals who spend 100% of the time knowing everything there is to know about on-site hardware, software, network security, and Cloud services (virtual storage and applications).  

We manage all of your endpoints, the software you use, the data you store, and the networks that power your technology so you can focus on achieving your goals (that have absolutely nothing to do with managing information technology). 

PACE Technical monitors every data packet using top-tier cybersecurity protocols, continuously scrubbing for threats so there’s never a gap in security. And we perform managed data backups and business continuity so everything you have is there should something go wrong.

We’re also hardware geeks, so we make sure the machines you rely on won’t get in the way of scaling your client base and pushing for gold as reputable leaders in your field. 

Niched IT Services for Select Ontario Businesses.

We’re a Toronto IT Management company (MSP) with over 23 years of experience protecting professional companies in Toronto, the GTA, and central and southwestern Ontario. Think of us as your proactive tech support help desk powered by friendly IT professionals who understand every variable in the world of IT support services. 

We’re in your backyard, setting up and backing up your systems. 

We reduce risk to your business, reputably provide peace of mind, and cost-effectively price high-level IT services that protect your office from the ground floor to the Cloud. 

We intimately know how Ontario organizations in law, accounting, and the financial sector operate. We know what software you use, how your processes flow, what pain points you experience, and your IT needs.  

When you hire PACE Technical IT experts, you know we speak your language.

But we don't expect you to speak ours.

Network Topology, anyone?

Are you familiar with encrypted VPNs, biometric authentication, disaster recovery, and firmware patch management? 


That's okay.

Those are the tools and processes we use to protect the tools you use.  

Behind the scenes, we optimize your firewalls, endpoint security, and intrusion detection systems to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and downtime. 

We identify potential issues before they become real ones, resolving them without you even noticing—as it should be. 

You generate data every day, and we lock it behind gates away from prying eyes. We also perform security audits and train employees how to recognize a phish—because humans are often the weakest link when it comes to the risk of a security breach. 

Advantages of using a Managed IT Service Provider: 

  • Productivity: when technology works, uptime metrics soar, and your office isn’t hindered by not having access to the tools you depend on.
  • Focus on your core competencies: so you attract, impress, and retain clients. Leave breach prevention and bothersome technical details to PACE Technical.
  • Save time and money: instead of running an IT department to deal with IT issues, invest in an IT provider with an immediate ROI of not having to fix broken IT components yourself (no guesswork, no worries!).
  • Flat fee monthly rates: for expert IT staff and helpdesk support  

Interested in working with PACE? It’s as easy as this: 

  1. Contact Mike and Tyler today to talk about how our Managed IT Services are a custom fit for your firm: Email: [email protected], or call: 905-763-7896. 
  2. We’ll provide a FREE no-obligation IT consultation. 
  3. We design a Managed IT Service plan specifically for your business, while you continue working on the growth of your business.  

We work hard to prove your trust in PACE Technical is well-placed.

Professional outsourced IT solutions and IT support for professional companies. Makes sense. 

Are you sure you are getting the best service you possibly can?