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Are you prepared to fend against hackers with complex and sneaky tactics? You need comprehensive security measures in place to protect against cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive data and wreak havoc on your company in terms of:

  • Loss of customer trust
  • Unexpected hardware crashes and/or slow performance
  • Legal liabilities due to data theft

PACE Technical Services takes security seriously as an integral part of the checklist our network administrators go through with each and every one of our clients. We make sure to provide all of the comprehensive security measures you need to stay safe, including the following:

  • Managed anti-virus/anti-spyware to detect and eliminate all types of threats that would otherwise infect your systems.
  • Spam filtering that lets you feel safe against frustrating and malicious spam targeting your inbox.
  • Managed firewall/VPN to ensure secure access to the wireless network through filtering all traffic and safeguarding communications.
  • Managed business continuity that keeps all of your information backed up and ready to recover in a moment’s notice.
  • Proactive system checks to monitor and ensure you have no areas of risk and exposure, settings/configurations are correct, best practices are followed, and systems are routinely tested to ensure a secure environment.

You’ve seen the news and read the headlines: businesses of all types and sizes are struggling in the aftermath of attacks. You don’t want to be next. We know in today’s day and age, it’s integral to have comprehensive security measures in place.

Call PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896 Ext. 214 or email us at sales@pacetechnical.com immediately to schedule an introductory security review before it’s too late.


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