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Why Pace?

Partners Mike Sugrue and Shael Risman share the philosophies on which they built PACE Technical Services – one of the most innovative and fastest growing Managed IT Service Companies in the GTA.


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CompleteCare is an all-inclusive Managed IT Support Service that provides small and mid-sized businesses with all the benefits of an enterprise-level IT department. We achieve significantly better results for our clients owing to our unique process, structure and procedure.

IT support companies may appear similar considering that we all have access to similar tools and many companies present similar features such as monitoring, proactive service, guidance, etc. The difference with IT Support companies is not the promoted features or the best intentions of delivering on those features. The real difference is having the right process and infrastructure to guarantee those features and get the desired results.

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Companies cannot be proactive without process; without process, your IT provider will be too busy trying to put out fires and you will only have a reactive approach… and who wants that? At PACE, we build process into every aspect of our support service and into our culture. We have the people, process and infrastructure that help businesses get the most out of their IT investment.

Uncomplicate Your I.T.

  • Part of the Team

    The value that we get from PACE is immeasurable. I’d like to thank Duarte, our Business Advisor, for his help in providing guidance. Before PACE we never had a plan and had to prod our old company for advice or try and figure it out ourselves, and we are not IT people. I feel like I understand what’s going on with our IT now and am seeing the benefit to proactively managing our IT vs just fixing things when they go wrong.

    Kevin D. – Investment Management

  • Part of the Team

    We’ve been with PACE for just 6 months now. We were very hesitant to change worried how a transition would go and that they didn’t know our business or some of the intricacies of our systems. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The transition was seamless and done in a very organized fashion. We’ve already seen performance improvements based on some of the work carried out on our monthly visits and solved problems that were bothering us for years. So glad we made this change!

    Jason S – Marketing Company

  • Part of the Team

    We first met PACE a couple of years ago when we were making a vendor change. We ended up choosing a lower priced option that promised us great proactive services, no issues or downtime, quick response, etc. It was a big mistake and cost us a year with nothing but excuses and band-aid fixes. PACE showed their value right from the beginning as the transition was very thorough and almost unnoticeable to our staff with the exception that some nagging issues were finally resolved. Their service has made a positive impact on our business and well worth the additional investment!

    Jim P – Manufacturing Company

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