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Why Pace?

Partners Mike Sugrue and Shael Risman share the philosophies on which they built PACE Technical Services – one of the most innovative and fastest growing Managed IT Service Companies in the GTA.

  • Why do our CompleteCare clients get significantly better results?


CompleteCare is an all-inclusive Managed IT Support Service that provides small and mid-sized businesses with all the benefits of an enterprise-level IT department. We achieve significantly better results for our clients owing to our unique process, structure and procedure.

IT support companies may appear similar considering that we all have access to similar tools and many companies present similar features such as monitoring, proactive service, guidance, etc. The difference with IT Support companies is not the promoted features or the best intentions of delivering on those features. The real difference is having the right process and infrastructure to guarantee those features and get the desired results.

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Companies cannot be proactive without process; without process, your IT provider will be too busy trying to put out fires and you will only have a reactive approach… and who wants that? At PACE, we build process into every aspect of our support service and into our culture. We have the people, process and infrastructure that help businesses get the most out of their IT investment.

Uncomplicate Your I.T.

  • Part of the Team

    Part of the Team

    PACE has been a great branch of support to our team. Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and committed to solving our IT problems. Turnaround time for an IT request is extremely fast, and is always done with excellence.

    I’ve had the opportunity to interact with several team members of PACE and they are all great people. Maurice, Dan, Rob, Ralph and Pablo, thank you for all your support.

    —David V.

  • Part of the Team

    Satisfied PACE clients

    We have been satisfied Pace clients for the past 2 years and have always been very happy with the services that they provide.

    On a recent occasion, one of our service techs went above and beyond the call of duty. I had called in with a service request in the morning and as usual, received a response and a solution promptly – great service as always. What made a significant impact was that I then received a phone call from Steve, a Pace Technician, later that afternoon to ensure that everything was OK with my problem and that I didn’t have any further concerns. This was customer service at its finest and I really appreciated the fact that Steve took some extra time to call me and ensure that things were operating smoothly.

    —Aaron K.

  • Part of the Team

    Fast Service

    Steve fixed my computer and it ran well for 2 weeks and then the hard drive failed. Dan came to my office and changed the hard drive right away. I really appreciated Dan and Steve for their quick action. Now my computer is running like brand new.

    —Dharma S.

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