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A few weeks ago DHS’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) warned their constituents of the danger posed by Quicktime for Windows. Because there are two known flaws with Quicktime for Windows and given the fact that Apple has stopped supporting and updating the software, it became necessary for this warning.

Toronto IT support companies like PACE Technical Services have now joined the DHS in sounding the alarm on this issue and have instructed PC users that the only way to fortify their Windows PCs against this vulnerability is to uninstall Quicktime altogether. In truth, the very fact that Apple has suspended support of and updates to Quicktime means that they are moving toward providing a software solution that is superior to Quicktime.

Companies that offer Toronto IT support advise the public that leaving Quicktime active on your PC may allow criminals to use the two known Quicktime bugs to:

  • Access Your Personal Information
  • Take Control of Your System
  • Cause Damage to System Resources
  • Cause Damage to Business Assets

Those that have Apple computers need not worry about their Quicktime software and can continue to use it because the vulnerabilities seen in the PC Quicktime software are not present in the Apple versions of the software.

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