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b2ap3_thumbnail_printer400Despite having more paperless solutions at our disposal, it looks like offices will always have the need for a printer. Maybe you are not quite ready to take the great paperless leap, but you can reduce the amount of resources and power consumed from using your printers with the help of a print server solution.

Whether you are a growing small business that is just now expanding past the place where every workstation has its own inkjet printer, or maybe you are medium-sized business that is having problems with a complicated network of printers, a printer server is a great printing solution for any sized business that is looking to streamline printing.

One of the biggest advantages to a print server is how it will free up space on your network for more mission critical tasks like communications. In a typical office, network printing can easily account for more than half of the activity over a network. If your printers are hooked up through the general file server, then you may notice a major decrease in the performance of your entire network whenever half the office is trying to print off cover sheets for the new TPS reports. A network overload like this could really hinder communications and people may not be able to get memos asking them to, “Put cover sheets on all TPS reports before they go out.”

One solution to ease demands on your network is to have a dedicated PC to handle all of the printing traffic, and while this would ease the burden on your network, a dedicated PC will be expensive. Having a dedicated PC handle printing traffic is also a complicated solution, configuring it to handle every printer is a technical job that is a little more involved than plug and play.

A print server for your network will efficiently and economically handle all of the printing traffic on your network. A print server will do this independently of your file server, thus alleviating network printing demands. Print servers are also designed specifically for printing, so they come with lots of helpful printing features that you just won’t get with a dedicated PC.

For a complete list of all of the helpful print server features, and to learn more about how streamlining your printing can save you money, call PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896 and let us find the right print server solution for the unique printing needs of your business.


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