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All around the globe, across the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada, and through the streets of Toronto, Ontario; over 6 million businesses are using Sage Software. For people and payroll, accounting and financials, and enterprise management; British multinational enterprise software company the Sage Group, creates software solutions for all size companies and organizations.

  • Start-Ups
  • Small Business
  • Medium-sized Companies
  • Enterprise

For every client, to have complete access to the company headquarters, multiple offices located in 24 countries, are in place. The Sage Group also has an office in Richmond, British Columbia; for all of their Canadian clients and software users.

Even with this level of accessibility, is it possible any IT Security Consultant in Toronto, Ontario, could review your Sage Software security setup without you having to call the Richmond headquarters, or any of the other Sage Group locations for assistance?

Of course, you can! Below we will show you what a Toronto Sage Software IT Security provider will know, and we will also give you seven, prevention with protection questions you may want to ask them; before you need their consulting services for your company tailored software package.

Let’s Look at What a Sage Software IT Provider Would Know, About The Sage Group.

The first four things the Toronto, Ontario Sage Software IT provider knows are pretty basic:

  • The Sage Group operates in over 150 countries
  • Sage product sets, like Sage 300, vary in design from one country to another
  • All software product sets come individually tailored for each business industry.
  • The software package is created based on a country’s national legislation, regulations, and compliance; concerning payroll, accounting, and taxation requirements.

The next two things they realize:

  • Each country’s laws are different
  • Legislation or regulations are not universal

For example: what might be permissible payroll regulations in Sydney, Australia may not be in Paris, France. What’s lawful taxation in Johannesburg, South Africa is unlawful in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

The IT provider may not know the exact specifics on payroll or taxation, but what they are trained and up to date on is; all of a company’s sensitive material needs to be secured, encrypted, and meet regulatory compliance.

Let’s Look at What a Sage Software IT Provider Would Know, About Cybersecurity.

When an IT Security consultant steps into any business or organization, their first thoughts will always be focused on cybersecurity awareness. These are some of the security questions running through their mind:

  • What is protected?
  • What is not protected?
  • Who has access?
  • Who should not have access?
  • Any recent breaches?
  • Are cybersecurity policies up to date?
  • Any compliance issues?
  • And so on.

Let’s Look at What a Sage Software IT Provider Would Know, About Prevention With Protection.

Regardless of the software you use like Sage, Sap, Microsoft Dynamics, Abila MIP, or QuickBooks; the security consultant is always working from the seven prevention with protection viewpoints:

  1. No business is immune
  2. There is too much trust
  3. Increasing targeted attacks
  4. Valuable assets left unguarded
  5. Top tier staff pose a severe threat
  6. Standard authentication does not work
  7. Employee error is the biggest threat to security

From their experience the professional consultant clearly understands and is relentless; the stakes are always high, they never let their guard down, and prevention with protection is the name of the game, regardless of the software your company or organization chooses to use.

The 7 Prevention With Protection Viewpoint Questions To Ask The Sage Software IT Provider

As you just read, the IT security consultant has seven prevention and protection viewpoints. From that list, we have created seven questions you may ask them regarding proactive prevention and protection for your company’s system; that your Sage Software continuously keeps running without any interruptions, compliance violations, or exposure to a breach.

  1. How do we establish a Zero-Trust policy without losing staff productivity?
  2. How do we institute a continuous response model to detect, scrutinize and stop attacks?
  3. What steps can we take to reduce and eliminate general and targeted attacks?
  4. What is the process for stronger encryption on our company’s sensitive data?
  5. How do we segment upper management access to our entire system?
  6. What is the process to set up a multi-step authentication barrier?
  7. How can we prevent network access credentials from being misused?

In Conclusion

From professional services to non-profits, chemicals to manufacturing, or construction to healthcare, no matter the size and scope of your operation, you can contact the closest headquarter office for assistance or seek out a Toronto, Ontario Sage Software IT provider to review your existing security setup.

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