Technology Lines

We've always been Trailblazers!

When Mike and I started PACE, virtually no one was offering Managed IT Services in the Greater Toronto Area.  There were less than a handful of MSP’s in all of North America, and at that point, everyone in the IT industry ran a break/fix business (that is, when something broke, you called us to repair it).  We noticed though, that for our clients - the model wasn’t working. There wasn’t a clear way for you to calculate your monthly costs.  Everything was reactive.  Some months nothing happened, and other months there were thousands of dollars in IT expenses.  So, PACE Technical set out on a mission to make IT costs more predictable. We began pitching the idea of managing your technology instead of just fixing it. We started talking about being proactive instead of reactive. We referred to ourselves as ‘trusted advisors’ rather than simply IT providers.  And the cost of IT became far less volatile as we tackled the big issues instead of just applying band-aids.  Essentially, we became a fully invested Managed Service Provider for our clients before anyone else even knew what it was. Of course, when the competition started figuring out that ‘managing’ technologies rather than just ‘fixing’ them made for more successful client businesses - the MSP landscape started to become overpopulated.  Basically, anyone with a credit card figured that they could subscribe to some online tools and call themselves an MSP.  All this did was confuse the average customer and they couldn’t tell the difference between legitimate MSPs and the ‘trunk slammers’ because we were all saying the same thing.  And where do you go when everything looks the same?  Unfortunately, you go with the one thing all businesses understand – cost.  Some clients chose the cheapest option because they figured we all looked the same, and ultimately, they ended up with poor results that compromised their businesses.  They started to realize that they needed way more from their Managed Service Provider than just some tools and empty promises. The needs of small businesses have changed yet again.  You are now looking for strategic relationships with us. You now understand the power behind making better decisions around technology.  And as usual, PACE Technical is there with you.  Quite simply, we are not in the business of just fixing computers and networks.  We are not in the business of monitoring tools.  Sure, we do all those things, but when you get right down to it, we do them because there is only one thing that we can guarantee above all else: We are in the business of assisting you with producing positive business outcomes.  End of story. PACE is not an MSP anymore.  We are a TSP – a TECHNOLOGY SUCCESS PROVIDER.  Once again standing apart from the crowd and proudly setting the standard. Thanks for sticking by us! Shael Risman, CEO