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Common Areas of Cyber Risk That Your Company Can Start Avoiding Right Now

The FBI recently released an online list of the top 10 most regularly exploited IT vulnerabilities. Most of these areas of risk involved the loopholes within applications that threat actors can effectively infiltrate. Three of the most popular apps included Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Flash Player. So, why are these three applications so easily exploitable? The first and most obvious reason is because they are widely used by companies everywhere. Another major reason was due to the lack of timely software updates and patching. The good news is that some of these vulnerabilities can be avoided. However, hackers are constantly finding creative ways to take advantage of ineffective cybersecurity efforts and a lack of proactivity. Every time someone in your company defers an update, there is a chance of exposure to risk. Therefore, installing patches and performing regular updates are necessary as soon as they are recommended. Another common area of risk were companies using outdated versions of Microsoft Office or using computers that are still on Windows 7, (See Windows 7 End of Life Notification Here). So now that you are aware of some of these cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them, you can take action to prevent further exposure. If you are not sure about your what your company’s cybersecurity efforts are, then you should contact your provider to find out. If you have any questions about cyber solutions for your business, you can reach out to one of our IT experts at [email protected] for a non-obligatory discussion about our enhanced cybersecurity efforts, and how we keep our clients cyber proofed.