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Small or smaller? Notebooks and Netbooks and Tablets - oh my?

As technology gets more advanced, more of it can get crammed into tinier spaces. Mobile devices used to be heavy, clunky items that could just barely get the job done; they just didn't have the oomph that your desktop workstation had. Today business owners are adopting portable powerhouses like tablets and high-end smart phones to stay connected, but for those on the go often, a laptop or netbook is often a good way to go as well. The Laptop/Netbook debate has gone on since Netbooks first emerged on the market, so let's take a look at the benefits of both.


The Good
  • Modern notebook PCs can be pretty powerful, often comparable to modern workstations.
  • Larger laptops have larger screens, which for some of us is an important feature.
  • Laptops are generally priced a little more expensive than their desktop alternatives, but the difference has decreased rapidly over the years.
  • Compared to Netbooks, laptops have more computing capabilities.
  • Most laptops support internal CD and DVD drives, and can even support Blu-Ray.
  • The larger keyboard on a laptop is more ergonomic for extended use.
The Bad
  • The more powerful the laptop, the faster the price increases compared to desktops.
  • Depending on your screen size, laptops can be fairly heavy and bulky, making them slightly less convenient and portable.
  • Larger screens and powerful hardware can lead to drastically shorter battery life.


The Good
  • Netbooks aren't powerhouses, but most can handle basic tasks fairly well.
  • Netbooks are smaller and much easier to travel with.
  • Netbooks are typically under the $500 mark, many of them under $300.
  • With smaller screens and more efficient hardware, netbooks often boast longer battery life
The Bad
  • Once you want to do some heavy lifting like video editing, netbooks fall short.
  • The smaller keyboard can be hard to type on for extended periods for some.
  • The smaller screens can be harder to work with for some users.
  • No internal CD/DVD support.


Having a portable solution is a great idea for business owners and their staff alike, but the technology decision is never going to get any easier. Netbooks are perfect for travel but don't quite make up for a desktop solution, which is where laptops come in. If you simply want to equip yourself with a device that can go from point A to point B instead of putting a permanent desktop in both locations, a notebook is a great choice, but if you are looking for an extra device to get the job done while on the road, we suggest a netbook. It's also possible a tablet may do the job for you, depending on what you need to do (which is a whole other debate on its own!). Have any questions? PACE Technical Services can assist you with all of your mobile computing needs for your business. Give us a call at 905.763.7896 for help determining the perfect solution based on your needs.