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I hope the holidays treated you well, and that you are embracing the Canadian winter and focusing on the lovelier weather ahead – both personal and business-wise! 

As per our commitment to timely and effective communications, at this time of year I like to update our valued client-base on the goings on here at PACE.  There is a LOT of stuff happening behind the scenes that we don’t always make a big deal about, and this is our chance to get you in the know. 


We’ve heard your feedback, and have worked hard this year to maintain industry-leading delivery and deployment times without compromising on quality. Our EA Department now processes and deploys hundreds of machines a year, and we are building out our facility and streamlining the process to get your business machines to you faster! 


As PACE has grown and taken on more international clients, we have seen the demand for 24/7 support skyrocket.  We are thrilled to announce that by the end of the year our clients will be able to add round-the-clock Support Centre access to their PACE CompleteCare subscription!  Details will be forthcoming from your BTA – so stay tuned! 


Client referrals are our bread-and butter, and we are thrilled to announce that the past year has been a record breaker when it came to our clients referring new business to us.  Not only is that a true testimonial to the level of confidence our partner base has in us, it also allows PACE to steadily build a knowledge base steeped in like-minded businesses that value their technology.  It is a win-win for everyone! 

 If you know a business like yours with 20-200 employees that needs a better end result in IT, let us know!  If they become a client, we will give you a $3000 credit on your next monthly invoice! 

 That’s it for now – but there is always more coming from PACE! 


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