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They stop by the office in the morning to get their marching orders and then fly out the door for a day on the road and on the jobsite. After that morning chat, you generally don’t see your field techs for the rest of the day. But field techs are different than your labor workforce in the sense that they really are a mobile office worker. Because of this, there has to be a high level of communication and coordination between the field tech and the office.

Toronto Construction

Expectations have changed a lot in the construction industry over the past number of years. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, both company owners and clients are becoming more insistent on up-to-the-minute information regarding their projects. This is where it becomes essential for you to have a good Toronto area, IT support company like PACE Technical Services in your corner. A relationship with a solid IT managed services provider such as PACE Technical Services can give you access to the hardware and software solutions that you need to keep your field techs apprised of what’s happening now and what is next.

Not to have coordination and consistent communication with your field techs could spell disaster for your projects and possibly do damage to your company’s good name. After all, a breakdown in communication means that the client is left in the dark. If enough days go by without a client getting answers (from the jobsite, through your office, to his office), your contract could be in jeopardy and you could have legal exposure.

You know the frustration that you, as an owner, feel when you aren’t getting timely responses and reports from the field? With today’s instant information culture, who would expect less than constant, instant communication? This lack of communication scenario could result in the regrettable loss (read this: “firing”) of an otherwise good employee – all because of the lack of a proactive communications setup.

In the past number of years, the tools for communication between a home office and remote workers have dramatically improved. PACE Technical Services has been at the forefront of supporting Toronto area construction businesses just like yours lay a solid tech foundation that enables them to coordinate and communicate efficiently whether in the office or deployed to jobsites.

With effective hardware and software solutions through PACE Technical Services, your field tech can benefit from seamless communication and access to systems whether in the office or on the site. Benefits like these will aid your coordination efforts immensely:

  • Complete access to all office systems and software
  • Access via mobile devices
  • Better project workflow and management
  • Inventory & expense Reporting
  • Team activity & coordination
  • Better time tracking

By giving your field techs the tools and software solutions that they need to act as a remote office, you are keeping the lines of communication open and making your whole operation more efficient. Most of the applications that PACE Technical Services routinely sets up for construction companies in the GTA are no harder to operate than the games that are already on your employees’ smartphones.

To explore what a custom-fit communications solution can do to improve your coordination between the field and the home office, contact PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896 Ext. 214 or sales@pacetechnical.com today. Our construction-friendly team will be glad to answer all of your questions!


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