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b2ap3_thumbnail_Sinking400The whole point of making a budget is to control costs. All it takes is one surprise to undo all the careful work of budget planning. No department is immune to unplanned expenses, and while it’s impossible to totally prevent budget-busting expenses across the board, you can take action to turn many surprise expenses into controllable costs.

Turning the expense of technology maintenance into a controllable expense is exactly what PACE Technical Services’s managed IT services are all about. This is because when it comes to budget-busters, technology is one of the worst culprits. Other budget categories, like personnel for example, are controllable and yield few surprises; not so with technology, it is difficult to plan in which Quarter your workstation will go down.

Your computers and your IT infrastructure are nothing more than complex machinery, just waiting for the worst possible moment to break down and leave you up the creek without a paddle or a smartphone. While you are stranded up Technology Creek in your canoe (the S.S. Budget), you will find yourself being pulled into a tributary called Major Repair Expense Stream. It’s times like this when all you can do is go where the current takes you while your budget-of-a-canoe sinks to the icy river bottom.

Land Ho! It’s in desperate times like these where PACE Technical Services will rush to your aid and rescue your budget with our managed IT services liferaft. We can rescue your technology budget by turning IT repair into a flat-rate that can be budgeted around. This means if a computer goes down (and they will), then all you have to do is give PACE Technical Services a call at 905.763.7896 and we will float on down and provide a fix. Since our managed IT services are delivered as a flat-rate monthly expense, this means that your repair costs will already be taken care of. Therefore, you won’t have to hesitate about putting in a service call due to worry over getting slammed with a repair bill that will sink your budget.

The repairs covered in the service agreement include some of the worst technology budget-busters known to offices up and down the river. A downed server, a workstation the freezes up, or whatever other technology hazards that dam up operations and cause downtime, these expenses are all covered. Our service agreements are also flexible, which means if your technology infrastructure expands and you need to add more users, then we will work with you and your work with your budget in order to give you a precise figure on the expense your organization will have to take on. This way, you can accurately budget for expansion.

At PACE Technical Services, we know about budgets because we too operate on a budget to run our business. We understand that a big part of running a business is finding new ways to control expenses. Because technology is so interwoven into every aspect of business, it has traditionally been one of the biggest office budget-busters; but thanks to managed IT services from PACE Technical Services, you now have the means to reign in an uncontrollable expense! To learn more about how PACE Technical Services can save your budget, give us a call at 905.763.7896.


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