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b2ap3_thumbnail_fax400With everything going digital, it’s hard to believe that fax machines are still used today. What’s funny, is that this same statement is true today just like it was ten years ago. Yet, sales of fax machines continue to increase every year. An alternative that’s better in every way is a fax server solution; here are five ways it can save you money.

What boggles our minds about the whole fax machine situation is that new fax machines are still manufactured and sold. It’s estimated that 4-to-6 million new units are sold every year all over the world. Over the years, office equipment has either gone extinct (VCRs), shrank in size (monitors), or become cheaper (computers). Not fax machines; they are still bulky and expensive. The money it costs to buy a new fax machine will go a long way in setting up your own fax server solution, which equates to installing a small network device and new software.

Phone Lines
Many fax machines require their own dedicated phone line. Businesses that try to skimp out on this expense will make their customers face the annoyance of a busy signal whenever a fax is sent or received. Installing a new fax machine will also require you to string up new phone lines in the office, an expense that is often overlooked. A fax server solution ties right into your computer network, allowing you to save on adding new phone lines and letting you cancel the dedicated fax line service.

Ink Toner
Ink toner for every type of printer is expensive. Manufacturers make it difficult to calculate exactly how much per fluid ounce toner costs, but it’s a safe bet to say that it would be cheaper to print using top shelf adult beverages. Any measure you can take to go digital and reduce your office’s dependency on black gold (aka ink toner) will save you lots of money.

While paper is not a precious commodity like ink toner, it’s still an expense that can be eliminated with a fax server solution. A fax server solution will digitize your incoming and outgoing faxes and allow you handle all of your fax needs from your e-mail inbox, eliminating the need for paper. Taking advantage of a fax server solution will help you go paperless, which will not only be good for the environment, but will also save you money.

Increase Productivity
Fax machines require a fair amount of maintenance. On top of doing basic tasks like changing out ink toner and paper, and clearing paper jams, there is the overlooked task of processing faxes. A fax that comes in must be handled, delivered, and then organized into some kind of filing system. A fax that is sent must also be handled and then either stored or shredded. All of this processing of paper faxes will drag down office productivity and cost you vital capital. A fax server solution will digitize faxes and allow you to store the fax on your network like any other file, saving your employees from the busy work of handling paper faxes.

There are many more advantages that come with a fax server solution. Saving your company money, increasing productivity, going green, and the best benefit of all: finally being able to ditch the old fax machine that has been taking up space in your office! To learn more about setting up a fax server solution for your business, call PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896.


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