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Backups can sometimes come across as a complicated concept to wrap your head around. But here’s the most important thing that you need to know about them.

  • Do you know the recovery time associated with getting your business up and running in an event such as a disaster, fire, or flood?
  • Can you remember the last time you did a full Disaster Recovery test?
  • Are you able to go back in time to see what took place during a certain time or an exact date, let’s say 6 months ago?

These are some of the basic questions about backups that you should be able to answer. What if an angry employee started a fire to your premise or a major flood had your entire company under water? If either of these scenarios were to come to life, do you know what would happen to your data. Is it gone forever? Are you up and running in 2 weeks or 2 days? Would the amount of downtime significantly affect your business, or would it barely leave a dent in your pocket?

Backups For Business Recovery & Continuity

The true goal of a good backup solution is a little more than just ensuring your files can be restored, it should also take it a step further to ensure that your business can continue to stay operational under any condition or event.

So, regardless of if you invest in the latest, greatest and most expensive electronics, laptops or computers for your company, that won’t guarantee that your business will continue to function if something disastrous were to happen.

Backups are so much more than just file restoration. You should start thinking of backups as a vital business tool to protect the entirety of your company regardless of all the different ways it can be harmed. So, whether it’s a Physical threat (e.g. like hard drive failure, fire, flood, theft), Virtual threat (like viruses) or Cloud-Based Issue, investing in the right backup solution can avoid disastrous scenarios from happening in the first place, and ensure that if it does happen that it won’t be the end of times for you and your business.

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