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The value that we get from PACE is immeasurable. I’d like to thank Duarte, our Business Advisor, for his help in providing guidance. Before PACE we never had a plan and had to prod our old company for advice or try and figure it out ourselves, and we are not IT people. I feel like I understand what’s going on with our IT now and am seeing the benefit to proactively managing our IT vs just fixing things when they go wrong.

Kevin D. – Investment Management

We’ve been with PACE for just 6 months now. We were very hesitant to change worried how a transition would go and that they didn’t know our business or some of the intricacies of our systems. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The transition was seamless and done in a very organized fashion. We’ve already seen performance improvements based on some of the work carried out on our monthly visits and solved problems that were bothering us for years. So glad we made this change!

Jason S – Marketing Company

We first met PACE a couple of years ago when we were making a vendor change. We ended up choosing a lower priced option that promised us great proactive services, no issues or downtime, quick response, etc. It was a big mistake and cost us a year with nothing but excuses and band-aid fixes. PACE showed their value right from the beginning as the transition was very thorough and almost unnoticeable to our staff with the exception that some nagging issues were finally resolved. Their service has made a positive impact on our business and well worth the additional investment!

Jim P – Manufacturing Company

PACE’s number is the only one I have in my contacts and they are the only IT company that I would recommend to my colleagues.

Non Profit Employee – Toronto, ON

As one of the oldest and largest immigration law firms in Canada, we take pride in helping families and employees relocate to Canada to enjoy the opportunities shared by all Canadians. We had experienced tremendous growth so much so that the firm’s infrastructure no longer could support its business adequately. This need for infrastructure including IT processes, coupled with our dissatisfaction with our current “Break Fix” IT provider resulted in us seeking out an alternative. Pace came to us highly recommended and ultimately won the business mostly due to the process driven business model and client service orientation.

They have a team of experienced professionals that are able to deal with any problem we give them. We were recently infected with the Cryptolocker virus through an email which then encrypted files on our network. Pace’s antivirus system detected this new variant of the virus on our network and was able to remove it. Pace was then able to recover all affected files. The entire process from detection to recovery took less than 2 hours.

The potential damage that could have ensued, had the virus not been stopped, it had the potential to encrypt and lock us out of a large portion of the files on our network. What PACE did and had in place to protect/prevent/stop the attack resulted in us being able to carry on like nothing had happened. The disruption was very minimal and everything was back to normal within a few hours.

L. H. – Law Firm

Part of the Team

PACE has been a great branch of support to our team. Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and committed to solving our IT problems. Turnaround time for an IT request is extremely fast, and is always done with excellence.

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with several team members of PACE and they are all great people. Maurice, Dan, Rob, Ralph and Pablo, thank you for all your support.

David V.

Fast Service

Steve fixed my computer and it ran well for 2 weeks and then the hard drive failed. Dan came to my office and changed the hard drive right away. I really appreciated Dan and Steve for their quick action. Now my computer is running like brand new.

Dharma S.

Great Job!

Marco spent a lot of time working to resolve the problems that we encountered at the sales office with the computer. He was patient and determined to fix it… and he did. Thank you, Marco. Great job!

Sam B.

Smartphone Conversion

I just wanted to commend Marco for making my transition from a Blackberry to an IPhone the smoothest transition I have ever gone through. He was proactive and made himself available when I got my phone activated. He was ready to help me through the process, and me being unfamiliar with the IPhone, he was knowledgeable and patient. I had no down time whatsoever. Thanks Marco, and by the way, definitely am glad I made the switch!

Judy M.

PACE was great!

PACE was great on the weekend. They returned my call within 10-15min, explained about the intermittent internet service since the night before, told me they were taking steps to try and remedy the situation and said that they had made Anna aware of the issue. We had internet service back early afternoon and it was still there when I left at 3pm.

Nita L.

No problem, that’s our job!

During a staff meeting I asked our staff for some feedback on their interaction with our IT support team at PACE. All staff agreed that the PACE team are always pleasant and more than willing to provide assistance over and above the initial problem identified. We never feel like we are inconveniencing them when we start to ask questions…their response is always “No problem, that’s our job”.


Congratulations — well done, well-deserved

Congratulations on your recent award -well done, well-deserved (top 200 MSP’s in North America). We’ve been very happy with Pace for the level of attention and the responsiveness you’ve shown to our myriad of issues, especially in the first year of our relationship, when we were often at loose ends with things. You’ve obviously been growing in the past few years and you’ve kept “pace” all the way.

Jim L.

Timely and extremely high quality service

Pace and its service representatives provide timely and extremely high quality service. They are patient, thorough and provide complete turn key solutions to all technical problems. A pleasure to deal with.

Ervin Wilson

Superior Service Delivery

I just wanted to take the time to commend PACE and thank Maurice, Marco and Andre on the superb job in administering and taking care of our I/T needs and making our office move so successful. It could not have been more seamless for our staff and our clients. I felt a certain calmness and reassurance in Maurice’s confidence that all would work out just fine, and it did. I am sure there were challenges along the way but none that I was made aware of, and between the shutdown on Friday afternoon and start up on Monday morning, you would not have known that anything had changed (except for the different location, workstations, wall colours, etc.) A special mention also to Ralph for assisting us and working with Bell (and other providers) on getting our internet connectivity in our new location after the initial fiasco that caused a one-week delay in our move. Our sincerest appreciation for everyone’s efforts and for the superior service delivery that PACE consistently provides us.

Nitin B.

Always the best service

My experience even though very short (6 months) dealing with Pace has been most productive and enjoyable. From the moment I am transferred to an agent I know I am in good hands… They guide you through with such ease and you can honestly feel the smile on their face through the telephone. The last experience I had was a stressful day but Steve who helped that day was so professional and helpful….I just wanted to say THANKS again. and as always the best service was given.


Patient and Understanding

I would like to thank Maurice and Ray for the assistance they have provided. You are both very patient and understanding. You are delightful, pleasant and very friendly to deal with. You make the not-so-techy people look good. Thanks for all that you do!!



Pace Technical Services not only provides me with the most reliable hosting services for my websites but the greatest and knowledgable IT help that I need! Their products and services are the best!

Michael Z

PACE to the rescue!

It was any organization’s worst fear … our computer system was seriously malfunctioning and our IT support was no where to be found (literally.) PACE came to our rescue! Our initial, frantic, call … demonstrated PACE’s calming and extremely supportive corporate character. PACE was able to fix our problem over the phone and then stepped right in, helping us make better use of our IT assets and protecting us continuously. PACE has provided guidance and support that is extremely rare, at a cost that is affordable. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found PACE and we know that they’ll be there anytime we need them. PACE is absolutely priceless!!!

Beth K.

Saved us from Disaster

We’ve employed the PACE team for many years, and I truly can’t count all the times that they saved us from disaster. We once had a massive flood that quite literally took out 20 of our machines, and PACE had us back up and running in a couple of days. Because we were on the CompleteCare program, PACE had full control of our network, our data was never in danger, our backups were intact, and our new machines were configured before the carpets were dry. Furthermore, as a medical-based assessment center, we have very specific security needs and proprietary software. The PACE technicians educated themselves about our needs and built our network to accommodate our unique structure. Initially I was very skeptical about getting on to any program that required a monthly payment, however after seeing the improvement in our network and the quick response to any issues that arose, I can’t imagine how we functioned without it. With the CompleteCare Network Program, our machines were much better maintained so they had significantly less downtime than was our experience before. Any complaints from my staff about their computers virtually stopped. And best of all, I knew exactly what I was going to pay for my IT every month no matter what happened, and the price is very affordable. Even with our flood, I didn’t see a penny extra in labour charges. I’ve insisted in our management meetings that PACE’s level of service spoiled us for our other vendors. They set the bar high and clear it every time.

Michael W.

We Strongly Endorse

The reliability and security of our network has increased immeasurably and the network downtime has decreased dramatically since we migrated to the PACE Complete Care I.T. program. Previously we attempted to get by with a part time in-house I.T. manager who, while knowledgeable in his own way, often had to outsource assistance for the more serious troubleshooting problems. We found the PACE technicians to be very knowledgeable and of invaluable assistance as we expanded our office footprint within the building. The PACE technicians completed the network cabling, moved servers, and set up new work station drops without any disruption in our daily operations. Even when problems do arise they are resolved quickly and with minimum downtime by the technicians who are on call 24/7. The PACE Complete Care I.T. program would be a worthwhile investment easily within the budgetary constraints of any firm and one that we strongly endorse.

Fred M.

From the very beginning

We have been a PACE Technical client since the very beginning. They have provided us with excellent advice and service (including CompleteCare), and have been pro-active on a number issues which might have caused serious problems down the line. We have relied on their knowledge and professionalism to support us on a wide range of hardware and software issues and feel confident that we are in good hands. They are quick to respond to problems, willing to make the extra effort it takes to get us through and pleasant to deal with on a person-to-person level.

David H.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind that PACE delivers to us on a daily basis is immeasurable. Before we started using their CompleteCare I.T. (TM) service, we were constantly waiting – for callbacks from technicians, for issues to be resolved, and even then there were no guarantees that the issues wouldn’t re-occur. PACE brought the waiting and unreliability to a quick end. Issues get taken care of in a matter of minutes and they’re taken care of for good – PACE doesn’t fool around with band-aid solutions. As for their technical prowess, all I can say is that any solution they’ve come to the table with is simple and proven effective, and they’re continuously sensitive to our budgetary guidelines. I always feel like I’m the first priority with PACE – and that alone is worth the price of admission!

Judy P.

Full-time Dedicated IT
The CompleteCare I.T.™ Program from PACE is like having a full-time dedicated I.T. person on staff to provide solutions for simple to the more complex technical issues that we face. The convenience of simply sending them an email or trouble ticket or even placing a quick phone call in addition to their remote technical support services means that we have solutions to our problems in little to no time at all – eliminating any lengthy periods of downtime. Their staff is also very knowledgeable with the various computer hardware/software products on the market and has assisted us greatly when we have either upgraded or purchased new equipment. We have benefited tremendously from the services offered by PACE and they would be an added bonus to any firm in need of technical support.

Jason C.

Round-the-clock support

In our business, network reliability is critical. Because PACE is constantly monitoring, maintaining, and updating our systems, network issues rarely arise, and when they do they can be dealt with remotely – usually within minutes. Their round-the-clock support has come in handy more than a few times when our staff has been on business trips, and the technical staff is always available to solve issues- no matter what time we call. Using PACE’s service has not only eliminated any downtime, but has given us the peace-of-mind we need to carry on our business with confidence. Thanks PACE!

Elizabeth K.

Service Second to None

The quality of your service is second to none. You have been quick to respond to any problem we come at you with and the people we’ve dealt with have all be phenomenal – very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. We’re pleased with our entire experience from Pace, from set up to present day service. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Charles H.

Amazing Team!

I just wanted you to be aware that your team, Maurice in particular, has been amazing! Late yesterday afternoon we had a major crisis. I completed the ticket and followed up with a phone call to be told that Maurice was enroute to our office and he would be there in half an hour. Sure enough he walked thru our office door and within 10 minute had us back up and running! This service is greatly appreciated and since we rely so heavily upon our technology, its this kind of service that keeps our company running strong and efficient! Thanks to Maurice and everyone at PACE!

Lynne F

Problem Solved!

Several weeks ago, I was experiencing problems with sending e-mails to a printing house – they were not receiving anything from my e-mail account. Rob provided me with several theories on why this was happening as well as some solutions. I contacted the printing house per his suggestions and was able to resolve my problem! Thanks to Rob, I managed to have my documents printed on time by the printing house.

Michelle L.

Satisfied PACE clients

We have been satisfied Pace clients for the past 2 years and have always been very happy with the services that they provide.

On a recent occasion, one of our service techs went above and beyond the call of duty. I had called in with a service request in the morning and as usual, received a response and a solution promptly – great service as always. What made a significant impact was that I then received a phone call from Steve, a Pace Technician, later that afternoon to ensure that everything was OK with my problem and that I didn’t have any further concerns. This was customer service at its finest and I really appreciated the fact that Steve took some extra time to call me and ensure that things were operating smoothly.

Aaron K.

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