Simplifying Cybersecurity: The Cyber Essentials Every Business Needs in 2021


As Cyber threats continue to grow and evolve, so have the tools and processes to keep businesses protected. As businesses try to keep up with the changes, things can get complicated. So during this webinar we will help to simplify the approach to cybersecurity management and also give attendees a resource to help them understand the essential cybersecurity elements they should have implemented in their business. Our Partner, Michael Sugrue, hosted a free educational webinar on "Simplifying Cybersecurity - The Cyber Essentials Every Business Needs in 2021" on February 18th, 2021. 

Here’s what we covered

  • Update on Cyber Security landscape
  • High level look at the Cyber Security
  • Essentials every business should have
  • Examples and details of each critical security area
  • Cyber Essentials checklist giveaway
  • Q&A
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