Critical Cyber Security Controls Every Business Needs


Managing Cybersecurity is a constant challenge since businesses are increasing their digital footprint, and threat actors are becoming more innovative. Security tools are necessary but are only a small part of a security strategy. Cybersecurity controls are essential to gauge an organization’s current security stance against a set of global standards and best practices, and also to help determine the right set of security tools to use. This is the only way to know if your business is truly secure.  We've come up with a set of controls that every small business should have in place and want to share our process with you. 

Our Partner, Michael Sugrue, hosted a free webinar on "Critical Cybersecurity Controls Every Business Needs" on June 18t, 2020.

Here's what we covered

  • How do you know your business is secure?
  • A logical approach to managing Cyber Security.
  • Top 10 controls to secure your business.
  • Guest speaker, Kyle Nichols - Cyber Insurance: How it works and key considerations
  • Q&A Session
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