Michael, Shael, Tyler, Mark - Executive-Team

Happy New Year from PACE Technical


As we ring in this new year, we’re filled with excitement, optimism and most of all, gratitude. It’s your partnership that has fueled our progress, inspired our innovation, and positioned our clients for great success. Your patience during the marriage of PACE Technical and Vertex has been profoundly appreciated - for that and so much more, we thank you.

Looking towards 2023, we see incredible opportunities. This is the year when business technologies will truly define the work experience; when paper-dependent ecosystems will start to crumble into tech ecosystems; and when Artificial Intelligence will reach an inflection point, delivering more freedom to all end users in the way they interact with their work technologies. It’s an opportunity for us to drive progress, solve our customers’ most important challenges, and make a positive impact on the communities around us. And finally, it’s an opportunity for us to take our partnership to extraordinary new heights. 

Here is just a taste of what PACE Technical is doing for you this year:

New Enhanced Security Product

Security and compliance have never been more integral, so we are releasing an enhanced security offering that will further stabilize and secure your environment while keeping productivity top of mind

Strategy Team

Led by Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark McRae, the Client Strategy team now has three highly experienced strategists to ensure that we meet your strategic goals faster and more efficiently

Security and Compliance Dept

Due to the huge demand for more complex security measures, we have created a new and highly credentialed Security and Compliance Department. The new department is led by Rishwan Shabbir Syed, who is both a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). This team will be reviewing all environments and making the recommendations you need to keep your organization secure.

Cloud Team Citrix Training Initiative

Our entire Cloud Team will be upgrading their Certified Citrix training over the next several months to ensure we are maintaining your Cloud environment at the highest level possible

Cloud Infrastructure upgrades

We are in the midst of refreshing our entire Cloud Infrastructure to make sure your critical data is always available

PACE Portal

Former Vertex clients are starting to be migrated to our one-of-a-kind PACE Technical Portal which streamlines your entire PACE Technical experience. The initial feedback from these clients is astounding so our Client Success Team is doubling down on the execution.

Stay tuned!

This year and always, you have our commitment to partnership. No matter what the new year brings, we’re here for you. Strong and steady. Together, we’ll navigate the near-term while delivering on your long-term needs. Together, we can achieve more.

Thank you for our incredible partnership and Happy New Year!