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Every non-profit organization exists to provide some type of aid to those in need according to their unique mission statement. We know when you’re working hard to assist others while operating on a tight budget, you need to stay up and running as efficiently as possible so you can serve those in need to the best of your abilities.

PACE Technical Services helps you stay up and running around-the-clock to work towards your mission with ease. We do this through:

  • Preventing issues from occurring in the first place with proactive maintenance that eliminates the risk of unnecessary downtime.
  • Creating a business continuity plan that keeps you prepared for any type of disaster that would otherwise leave you unable to work.
  • Helping you budget accurately with managed IT services that give you everything you need for a flat-rate monthly fee.
  • Safeguarding confidential information against hackers who are looking to steal data and wreak havoc on your organization.
  • Creating a strategic plan that lets you stay on track to achieving your mission and keep serving those in need.

We know non-profit organizations need a trusted technology partner that understands the importance of helping them achieve their mission. We’re the trusted choice for non-profit organizations that want to save time, minimize issues, and reduce risk.

Discover what makes PACE Technical Services the preferred choice when it comes to IT services for non-profit organizations. Call 905-763-4443 or email us at sales@pacetechnical.com.


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