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Cyber Security ChecklistsThe World Health Organization put out a bulletin all the way back in 2008 that recommended using checklists in the operating room to avoid simple mistakes and procedural omissions.

In 1942, Boing Corp. engineers put together the first exhaustive pre-flight checklist for the B-17 airplane after a 1935 crash in Dayton, Ohio.

What do we learn from these two historical facts?

It’s simple…

Lists save lives.

So, here’s the question.

Where’s the cybersecurity list for your business?

So many Toronto businesses are “flying by the seat of their pants,” when it comes to cybersecurity –without a formal process (or even a simple checklist) in place to deal with any sort of cyber-attack.

What Is Your Toronto Business Doing To Combat Cyber-Attacks Directed At Your Company?

Whether you know it or not, your GTA business is being targeted.

You know all those wacky phone calls that won’t take you off the list?

You are being targeted.

You know those phishing e-mails that pretend to be from your bank, from PayPal, or from the CRA?

You are being targeted.

Just because you haven’t seen a dancing monkey holding a human skull flash across your screen as your systems suddenly crash, doesn’t mean that your business is safe. The most advanced malware and ransomware work quietly in the background of your systems collecting data and doing damage.

So, let’s ask the question one more time…

Where is the cybersecurity list for your Toronto business?

Why Do Businesses Need A Cybersecurity List?

Apart from the obvious answer of “keeping the bad guys out of the company’s IT infrastructure, there are several important reasons to have a formal procedure for IT security.

  • Lists keep people accountable – It’s very useful for a manager to be able to hand a list to an employee and say, “This is what I expect to have accomplished.”
  • Lists ensure that nothing gets missed – Without a checklist, it’s inevitable that something will be overlooked. It’s just human nature.
  • Lists provide structure – A list – especially a list written in order of priority – gives a roadmap for your employees to follow.
  • Lists give continuity from one employee to the next in the same job – Without written checklists, institutional knowledge is left behind when one long-term employee leaves and another takes their place.

Now that we have explored the reasons to leverage checklists within your business, let’s get more specific about using checklists for IT security.

Experts agree that Toronto businesses need to be on guard against current and emerging cyber threats. To accomplish this task takes more than handing off a simple “Five Steps To Cybersecurity” article you found on the internet to your in-house “IT guru” and saying, “Do these things.”

Unfortunately, the more complex technology grows, the more challenging IT security becomes.


Because you now have not only in-house computers to secure, but you also have Internet-based telephone systems, data that is stored in the cloud, web applications, and legislative compliance concerns. Each aspect of your technology footprint has unique security implications and requirements.

Your cybersecurity checklists have to address each of these.

That is, if the technology in your Toronto business stays the same.

But technology isn’t going to stay the same, is it?

Every day, criminals find new ways in and around the security barriers and updates, upgrades, patches, and new technology must be implemented to stop them.

It is these horizon-level threats – the cyber-intrusion tactics of tomorrow – for which your business must prepare.

But how?

You can download all the lists from the internet, and they won’t forecast the next ransomware attack.

To Stay Current With Productivity Technology AND Security Measures, Your Business Needs To Partner With An IT Support Provider That Is On The Cutting-Edge Of Today’s Business Technology.

A professional IT services company in the GTA – such as PACE Technical – has the depth of experience and range of expertise to harness your existing IT infrastructure and make it work with the unique needs of your internal processes.

After all, why have technology if you have to bend your workflow around the way the technology works? Your business technology should be a strong foundation that allows you and your staff to get more done in a day. PACE Technical will make that happen.

But what about those cybersecurity lists?

IT experts like the PACE Technical team know that cybersecurity lists are important – that they save people from overlooking things and making stupid mistakes.


PACE Technical staff also know that to give your Toronto business the IT security you need, those checklists are going to have to evolve with each new technology that is added to your IT infrastructure and every new threat that pokes its evil head above the technology horizon.

You see, as important as lists are in the process of securing your business, those lists must be regarded as fluid and must be developed and maintained by cybersecurity management teams.

What Is Cybersecurity Management?

It is the strategic process of assessing the capabilities and vulnerabilities of your internal IT structure, your virtual cloud assets, and your mobile device usage to develop and implement IT security processes, monitoring, and controls that keep your business safe from present and emerging threats.

So, now you know that IT security specialists use checklists to ensure that they don’t miss a single detail of protecting your business.

What you’re asking yourself now is, “Why can’t I just get a cybersecurity checklist and do it myself?”

You could.

You could also get a pre-flight checklist and fly yourself to your next family holiday or download a surgical checklist from the World Health Organization and operate on your neighbour’s gallstones.

But that wouldn’t be a good idea, right?


Because although you have the checklist, you haven’t trained to do the work, and you don’t have the experience to react quickly and appropriately when things go wrong.

That’s why pilots and surgeons train for years to do what they do.

They use the checklists for the routine – and they know which checklists to pull out when things go terribly wrong.

That’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Is cybersecurity going to cost your Toronto business big bucks?

Not at all!

In fact, you can have all the professional IT security support your business needs for a simple, easily-budgeted monthly payment.

  • No more stressing about your security
  • No more long nights of doing updates, upgrades, and patches on all the computers in your company – and hoping you did it right
  • No more wondering if the one employee who knows your IT system is going to walk out the door and take his knowledge with him
  • No more unexpected break/fix technology bills

Getting cybersecurity right is more than choosing and implementing a “cybersecurity checklist,” it’s about getting the right cybersecurity consultants on your side!

Want to know more about cybersecurity for your Toronto business? We have lots more information in articles you can find HERE.


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