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When a small charitable organization was looking to cut down on operating expenses, they approached PACE Technical Services. PACE effectively tailored a fully supported and comprehensive IT solution to suit the non-profit’s budget.

A local non-profit business determined that they needed to downsize in order to cut costs. This lead to a decision to embrace remote workers. Because this small company had no in-house IT team, this decision raised two separate, yet interconnected, IT issues. As a small charitable organization, they needed to update their existing IT infrastructure so it would support their new goals. Another, equally pressing issue, was the fact that this company had no place to house their existing servers on-site as they were moving to a 100 percent remote model.

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The Situation: A need for an updated and accessible IT infrastructure to support a new working environment

The committee responsible for the non-profit selected PACE Technical Services to help them set up a remote IT system. PACE provided a fully hosted infrastructure that was dominated by a managed cloud system. PACE hosted all elements of the system securely and provided the necessary support with their experienced team. The non-profit was able to provide log-in information so their employees could access the data necessary to perform their jobs. This simple remote access application utilized by PACE was available to employees regardless of their location so they could be located anywhere and still complete their necessary duties.

As a small charitable organization, PACE’s client had a limited budget. A member of the committee that brought PACE on-board, however, noted that not only was PACE great about letting her know when she needed to have components replaced so she could work them into the next budget, but PACE “was very conscious about not just spending our money. They also were able to get us value.”

The Solution: Relying on PACE Technical Services to target present and future IT issues

The non-profit staff had very limited knowledge about the intricacies of IT and how to best position themselves to ensure that their IT solutions worked effectively for them. PACE’s Managed Cloud offered this charitable organization the perfect solution as there were no capital costs for either the software or hardware needed for the implementation of the system. These items were included within the cost of the Managed Cloud system. PACE continues their relationship with the non-profit, offering them such services as:

  • Managed CompleteCare Cloud Solution – User environments and the infrastructure are fully maintained and managed by PACE’s Best Practices to ensure the optimum in security and performance.
  • Business Advisor – PACE provides regular system performance updates, guidance on emerging technologies and other changes and an IT plan that provides goals for the next five years.
  • Disaster RecoveryIn the event of a catastrophic loss of data, the disaster recovery features offered by PACE ensures that all data is backed up to a secondary location.

PACE utilizes a process-driven approach which served the non-profit well. Each of the non-profit’s staff had only minimal computer knowledge so PACE’s guidance as to which components to upgrade and update, as well as the timetable in which to do so, helped this non-profit organization greatly. The transition to a cloud environment went smoothly for the organization. Each authorized user within the charitable organization is able to access all necessary systems and data. The client is now up-to-date on the latest system performance issues and is ready to face any challenges that might come their way. In fact, the non-profit organization’s staff member noted that “PACE’s number is the only one I have in my contacts and they are the only IT company that I would recommend to my colleagues.”

PACE Technical Services is dedicated to customer satisfaction. PACE’s CompleteCare service provides full support, ensuring their customers can contact PACE with any IT issues and receive timely and effective answers. To find out what PACE can do for your organization, contact us today at (905) 763-7896 or send us an email at sales@pacetechnical.com.


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