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From malware that infects your systems and takes them down to natural disasters that destroy onsite equipment to human errors that result in a loss of important data, there’s tons of threats you need to be prepared to face. When disaster strikes, whether it’s minor or major, you must have a business continuity plan in place, in order to make sure you’re able to recover.

Recent studies found only 51% of small businesses have a business continuity plan in place, which means 49% of small businesses will face the costly and stressful aftermath of disaster at some point in time:

  • Loss of customer trust
  • Serious reputational damage
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Wasted payroll dollars

PACE Technical Services knows you simply can’t afford the costly and stressful aftermath of disaster, which is why we focus on creating a business continuity plan that ensures quick and simple recovery through:

  • Image-based backups to an onsite appliance for the quickest possible recovery when necessary.
  • Image-based backups to an offsite appliance at a secure data center for continuity when onsite equipment is damaged.
  • Server virtualization to maintain access to data and applications in the event of disaster.

Contact PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896 Ext. 214 or email us at sales@pacetechnical.com to find out more about how we keep you up and running, no matter what type of disaster comes your way.


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