Strategies for Keeping your Team Productive in a Remote World


Remote work is increasingly becoming the norm for employees across many industries. In this webinar, we looked at the best ways to measure employee performance, and how to ensure your employees are just as effective from their homes as they are from the office.

Our CEO Shael Risman, and Chief Operating Officer, Jay Da Costa hosted a free webinar on "Strategies For Keeping Your Team Productive In A Remote World" on January 28th 2022. 

Here's what we covered:

  • Defining KPIs - What are the best metrics and targets for your organization?
  • KPI Reporting - How do you keep track?
  • Employee Accountability - What is the right way to encourage employee ownership and accountability?
  • Adjusting your targets - Why, when, how, and how often?
  • Remote VS In-House - How can you ensure your staff are just as productive working from home as they are in the office?
  • Performance Measurement VS Employee Monitoring - What's the difference?
  • Q & A Session