Client Success: Elevate your Business by Transforming your Client Experience


In the last few years, companies like PACE Technical are seeing a huge emphasis and importance in the experience we provide to our customers. A successful Client Success team works to understand the customer’s needs, expectations, and what success means to them, and uses this information to create and implement processes internally that will add value to the product or service. Client Success does not wait for problems to happen, they anticipate potential issues and fix them before they affect your experience.

Our Client Success Manager, Anika Ahmed and Client Success Advocate, Marc Ludwig hosted a free webinar on "Client Success: Elevate your Business by Transforming your Client Experience" on July 22nd 2021. Watch the webinar now to gain insight on how to help make your customers achieve their desired outcomes through their experience with you.

Here's what we covered

  • What client success is, why it came to be, why its an important differentiator for your company
  • The difference between customer service and client success
  • How it fits into your company
  • What does a successful CS team look like
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