Best Practices to Improve your Social Media Presence, Email Marketing and Content Creation Strategy


In this webinar, we simplified the approach to Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Content Creation. Our Marketing Coordinator, Mary-Ellen Duncan hosted "Best Practices to Improve Your Social Media Presence, Email Marketing And Content Creation Strategy" on Tuesday, March 2021

Here's what we covered:

  • Introduction: Marketing The Old Way Vs. Marketing The New Way, Marketing Trends For 2021
  • Social Media: Picking Your Platforms, Creating KPIs, Design Tips, Automation Tools, Strategies & Best Practices
  • Email Marketing: Creating Campaigns, Email Best Practices, Common Types Of Emails, Do's And Don'ts, Tools.
  • Content Creation Strategy: Content Calendar, Scheduling, Themes, Creating Captions That Drive Conversions
  • Q & A
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