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Why Running Outdated Software is Dangerous


If you think that holding onto your old software is a smart idea, think again. Keeping business software up to date and patched is critical for the safety of your organization. If your applications are reaching End of Life (EoL) or End of Service (EoS), then patching and updates cannot protect your business and will leave you vulnerable to cyber threats.

Deferring critical software updates, because it still works well is a huge mistake. By keeping outdated software, your business can run into problems regarding staying compliant, being vulnerable to security risks, and even data loss. We will be discussing the consequences of keeping outdated applications and software in your business, and why you need to upgrade to new options when your current products reach their EoL or EoS.

Cybersecurity Implications of Using Outdated Applications/Software 

The implications of using outdated security can be severe and here are some examples:

  • Unpatched software leaves your business vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.
  • Cybercriminals can easily reverse engineer code that can compromise outdated software and applications.
  • Compatibility issues arise when using old apps, which can often lead to data loss or even data corruption.
  • Using old software may be in violation of your company's current security policy hampering your overall operational proficiency and weakening your security posture. 

Compromising Your Safety

It is without a doubt that there are several privacy implications of using outdated applications and software. You could even be fined for data privacy breaches if you are using software that is no longer supported by a vendor that contains sensitive data.

A real-life example of a privacy breach scenario is the case of Chegg Inc. for not patching existing vulnerabilities that compromised the information of millions of their customers like their emails, SIN numbers, and passwords. According to the Federal Trade Commission, any company that incurs a breach of privacy must immediately address the vulnerabilities, allow the users to delete their data, implement multi-factor authentication, and limit how much customer data they can retain.*

Disrupting Productivity

Using any application that is outdated can severely impact your business productivity. Old software can run slow, crash often and make it difficult for your staff to work efficiently. This can trickle into your customer experience and affect it in a negative way, so it is imperative to keep everything as up to date as possible to avoid these issues.

Ensuring Your Business is Up-To-Date on Technical Requirements

Recognizing that your company might be at risk is the first step to finding a solution to your outdated technology solutions. However, mitigating these types of implications can be a large undertaking for your small or mid-sized business, while trying to run your company. That's where we can help! By leveraging a proactive technical partner such as ourselves, we can ease any frustrations you have about your technology.

PACE Technical specializes in bringing the best technology solutions to SMBs in Southern Ontario, and we are equipped to help you choose the right software and applications to make your business secure, productive, and successful.

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