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PACE Technical: Managed IT Services for the upcoming year


Hello and is it too late to say Happy New Year? January is almost, already behind us! I hope your 2024 started out strong.

I wanted to use this space to give you a recap of PACE Technical's 2023 takeaways and where we are heading in the upcoming year. From our new service pods to continued focus on cybersecurity, PACE strives to be the best Managed IT Services provider for your business or firm. 

Our biggest takeaway from 2023 was working to improve our support model. We increased the number of people in support and created a support ecosystem that we call pods. These pods give each of our clients a dedicated support team of 5 people. But how does this affect our service?

A focused team will ensure:

  • faster response and resolution times;
  • more familiarity with your environment, people and support history; 
  • more redundancy in support team; 
  • technicians as first point of contact for support; and 
  • better oversight with dedicated Team Leads in each POD.

Each pod is being overseen by our Service Desk Manager.

What you can expect in the coming year


We have the teams in place for service delivery. In the year ahead we will continue to focus on our commitment to Cyber Security. Just some of the plans underway:

  • ongoing security hardening of PACE tools and systems to help protect our clients; 
  • security hardening of client infrastructures and Microsoft 365 environments; 
  • research and development on latest threats and tools/best-practices; 
  • continued development on proactive alignments related to security hardening; 
  • webinars throughout the year on cyber security; 
  • advanced security suite offering for clients to further enhance protection; 
  • business continuity planning offering; and 
  • advanced disaster recovery offering for private cloud.

New Technology

Like many of you we are seeing a lot of buzz around Generative AI, Machine Learning and Big Data. ChatGPT may have been the tool that captured our attention but there are new and amazing AI tools being released daily with AI embedded into almost every product, website, app, software that is possible. At PACE we will continue R&D with AI models to help better service our clients and help our clients find ways to leverage this technology.

Cloud Technology

We are continuing our work with Microsoft Azure and the Azure Virtual Desktop. Keep an eye out for your invitation to our upcoming Webinar on Microsoft Azure this February. If you are reading this after that date, don't worry we will have a link in our recorded webinars to view.

Industry-specific Software

You may be part of a business or firm that uses industry-specific software and tools. PACE will be continuing to research client specific line-of-business software solutions to help you leverage technology to improve efficiencies and consistency.

Proactive Services

The world was thrown a curve ball back in 2020 and many businesses had to make adjustments to their business model. PACE was no different but we feel it is time to return to more onsite, proactive visits, with our clients. Remote work and support has become a proven model, but you just can't beat that in-person touch. 

Your PACE Executive Strategist, Client Success and Infrastructure Management team members will be booking 2024 appointments with clients so you know when to expect these meetings and/or visits.


Thank you for being an integral part of our PACE community. As we look ahead to an exciting year, we are thrilled to share these plans and initiatives dedicated to your success. Our team is tirelessly committed to empowering your business, providing exceptional client care, and driving innovation. Your PACE team will forge ahead, embracing challenges and seizing opportunities, paving the way for a productive and prosperous future together.


Tyler Sanders
CEO, Partner