Aligning People, Processes and Technology For Business Success


New technologies are constantly shaping every industry, and most businesses are struggling to adapt to these quick and challenging transitions. To tackle these issues in a timely fashion, some business leaders resort to quick fixes that don’t support customer or employee growth in the long run. For example, rushing through process implementations, technology upgrades and new hire training almost always results in botched executions and unnecessary confusion.

Building a foundation for sustainable scaling will allow your business to scale up or down as needed without incurring lengthy downtime, constant technological upgrades or harming your bottom line.

The sustainability triad to consider

It's critical to think about your people, processes and technology while implementing sustainable scaling.


The success of your business depends on the training and onboarding materials you provide for your employees and customers. Supporting them with easy-to-find, on-demand training relating to a problem they’ve encountered is a terrific way to help your company thrive.

Also, ensuring that those affected by significant changes are adequately informed is very important. This will help to reduce dissatisfaction, absenteeism and attrition. When people are effectively managed and supported, your business benefits in ways that are often overlooked, and a people-first culture can be fostered.


Your business should have someone designated for overseeing technical processes for example a Chief Documentation Officer (CDO). The CDO keeps crucial process documentation updated — from IT processes to HR, marketing and beyond — so that anybody can quickly step in and assist whenever necessary.

Similarly, every other process must be carefully planned, monitored and managed so your daily operations run like a well-oiled machine.


When dealt with properly, technology can significantly support your people and processes. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when prioritizing sustainable scaling:

  • Build around one platform. In other words, on the road to scalability, choosing products built to integrate or compliment what you already have, saves a lot of time and effort.
  • After a few years, technology, like milk in your fridge, “expires” or becomes obsolete. In order to preserve cybersecurity requirements, make sure certain technologies are replaced before they become unsupported.
  • Commit to integration. While you can always find cheaper solutions or products, you will typically only get the value equivalent to the price paid. Instead of choosing the cheapest option, commit to selecting solutions that actually work and provide value with the business platforms you already have.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities regularly. While having a good backup and recovery plan is ideal, it's even better if you can combine it with a proactive approach that addresses gaps before hackers exploit them.
  • Automate routine workflows. Ensure you have solutions in place to reduce the chances of error in the most critical areas of your business, regardless of whether it's invoicing or anything with a small margin of error.

Partner for Success

It's easier said than done to strike the perfect balance between people, processes and technology for business success. More often than not, it requires far more time, effort and skillsets than you have available at the tip of your fingers. This is where a PACE Technical can come to your rescue.

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