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b2ap3_thumbnail_ideas400Consider for a moment the computer you’re using right now. Does it have wires? If so, how thick is the monitor you’re using to view this? How many gigabytes is your hard drive? How many Microsoft Works documents could you have fit on your trusty 16-gigabyte USB thumb drive?Computing has certainly come a long way in the last four-plus decades; and it’s getting exponentially better by the day.

Back in 1965, when Gordon E. Moore proclaimed that the processing power that run computers would increase two (or more) times over every two-year timeframe, many people had no idea what he meant. After all, it was an analog world and very few people were privy to the incredible possibilities technology would have in store for humans. The next 45+ years would bring a technological revolution that would change how the human race understood the human race. “Moore’s Law”, as it’s known today, has held relatively true over this time period, and each incremental advance has helped change the way people of the world communicate, created markets where before there were none, and completely altered the way people do business.

Business computing started in earnest in the 1970s, as the company Moore co-founded, Intel, created the first microprocessor: The 4004. This chip, when coupled with Intel’s RAM chip allowed manufacturers to decrease the size of computer systems. The microprocessor introduced a scenario where the relatively low cost of production and distribution of computers created the market where the first personal computer (PC) was manufactured and sold. The PC allowed users the computing power that was only previously available to large corporations or organizations. Dedicated computer-based jobs begun to be more prevalent. When people started purchasing the personal computer for their home in the mid-1980s, the digital explosion had truly begun.

By 1988, most businesses had become reliant, in some fashion, on computers. Then in 1991, the World Wide Web was released to the public. Couple this with the advent of another digital medium, the cellular phone, the world would never be the same. This shift has altered everything: from the way we consume media to the very jobs we rely on to sustain our particular semblance of prosperity. The Internet took business computing and created opportunities for service-based companies to thrive. It created the market. It’s safe to say that PACE Technical Services wouldn’t exist without the invention of the Internet, so we’re grateful for the web and all the other technological advances that have taken place over the past quarter century.

Nowadays, in many western nations the percentage of personal computers per capita is in the neighborhood of 80%. Many service-based businesses that could not have existed without the innovative advances in computing infrastructure have popped up all over the globe and are now essential to these nation’s economies. Currently companies like ours are just now scratching the surface of further innovations. Solutions such as cloud computing and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery are designed to be a spoke in your business’ wheel. As further innovations are made, they will bring with them many other opportunities; just as the microprocessor had revolutionized the computing world over 40 years ago.

Since your business is confronted with the same cultural and technological shifts as ours, it’s fair to assume that you could use some help deciphering what IT can work best for your organization. At PACE Technical Services we not only have mind for finding businesses solutions, we know how to present value. We offer a full array of IT and consulting services that can potentially pay for themselves. Give us a call at 905.763.7896 to speak with one of our conscientious professionals to find out more.


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