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This is one of the most recognized career education events in Canada estimating 200,000 students visiting workplaces every year. The original take your kids to work day was initiated by The Learning Partnership in 1994, and this year it took place on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. Grade 9 students across Canada spend the day at the workplace of their parent, relative, friend or volunteer host, witnessing first-hand the world of work. We think it’s the perfect occasion for kids to not only experience the day to day workplace environment, but also to get a feel for different careers that they may pursue one day. There are many benefits to doing this, including helping them decide on a career path and demonstrating important office behaviours including time management, best practices and problem solving skills. Roisin, the daughter of our President Michael Sugrue got the chance to speak with several of our in-house teams including Sales & Marketing, Client Success, and End-Point Administration. We had a great time sharing what we do every day and we’re always excited to have more Bring Your Kid To Work Days!


Here’s Our President and Proud Dad, Michael Sugrue with his daughter Roisin Sugrue.



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